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Let your promotion stand out with our buttons

We produce buttons in almost any shape and size. People often use them to communicate a promotion or message. Think of advertisements, temporary promotions or special discounts.

We print all our buttons standard in full color and finish them with a transparent acrylic layer, the doming. This gives the button its luxurious 3D look. To prevent damage on clothes, buttons are often attached with a magnet. Individual prints are possible as well. For instance buttons with a product name, certain department or the name of an employee.

Specifications of Buttons

Material:plastic with an acrylic layer
Core colors:black and white
Size:50 cm2 maximum
Attachment:needle, magnet or pin & clutch
Shape:any shape possible
Weight:depends on size and shape
Printable area:50 cm2 maximum
Order unit:1 pieces
Minimum order quantity:25 pieces
Lead time:5 working days


Needle small
22 x 5 mm
Needle medium
32 x 6 mm
Needle large
37 x 7 mm
Pin & clutch
Ø 10 mm
Magnet rectangular
45 x 13 mm
Magnet round
Ø 20 mm

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Buttons | DEONETStriking, luxurious buttons. Available in any shape or size. Can be personalized with any logo or text in full color. ✓Scratchproof ✓Unique 3D effectimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-1.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-2.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-3.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-4.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-5.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-6.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-7.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-8.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-9.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-10.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-11.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-12.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-13.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-14.jpgimages/buttons/buttons-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-15.jpg
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