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Tulip Classic Name

Tulip Classic Name

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Reusable name badges for any occasion

The TULIP Badge Classic Name has a fixed shape and offers the possibility to replace names whenever needed. The traditional character and design make this model suitable for any company.

There are 3 different colors available and the badge is personalized with a full color print. For example with your company logo or the name of an annual event. The badge is easy to attach to your clothing with a magnet. This prevents damage to your clothing. The Tulip Badge Classic Name is an excellent choice, simple and sustainable.

Specifications of Tulip Classic Name

Tulip Classic Name
Colors:gold, silver and white
Size:68 x 33 x 4 mm
Weight:13 gram
Printable area:62 x 11 mm
Order unit:1 pieces
Minimum order quantity:28 pieces
Lead time:5 working days

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Personalization options

Name Badges sample kit

Tulip Classic
Tulip Classic Name
3 different colors, with print in full color
Tulip Dome Name
Contact informatie van: DeonetDeonet+31 (0)40 707 3474+31 (0)40 707 3499info@deonet.com
Dillenburgstraat 29Eindhoven5652 AMThe Netherlands
Reusable name badge, solid form with magnetic closureReusable name badge with fixed frame shape and magnetic closure ✓ Full color print logo is possible ✓ Name is interchangeable ✓ 3 standard frame colorsimages/badge-classic-name/tulip-name-badge-classic-name-reusable-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-1.jpgimages/badge-classic-name/tulip-name-badge-classic-name-reusable-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-2.jpgimages/badge-classic-name/tulip-name-badge-classic-name-reusable-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-3.jpgimages/badge-classic-name/tulip-name-badge-classic-name-reusable-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-4.jpgimages/badge-classic-name/tulip-name-badge-classic-name-reusable-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-5.jpg
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