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Tulip Dome Name

Tulip Dome Name

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Reusable name badges in any shape

The Tulip Badge Dome Name offers infinite possibilities in shape and size. You can easily adjust the name on the badge yourself whenever needed. Next to that you can choose any desired shape badge. Think of your logo or best selling product.

We always offer high quality full color prints. With the Tulip Badge Dome Name your print is finished with a transparent acrylic layer (called 'doming'). The doming creates a 3D effect. This will make your badge stand out. Moreover, the doming is scratch free and UV-resistant. The Tulip Badge Dome Name is available with a black or white core.

Specifications of Tulip Dome Name

Tulip Dome Name
Material:plastic with an acrylic layer
Core colors:black and white
Size:70 x 19 mm minimum / 50 cm2 maximum (above on request)
Attachment:magnet or needle
Weight:depends on size and shape
Printable area:68 x 17 mm minimum / 50 cm2 maximum
Order unit:1 pieces
Minimum order quantity:25 pieces
Lead time:5 working days


Needle large
37 x 7 mm
Magnet rectangular
45 x 13 mm

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Name Badges sample kit

Tulip Classic
Tulip Classic Name
3 different colors, with print in full color
Tulip Dome Name
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Your logo or product as name badge, reusable tagsReusable name badges available in every shape and size, luxurious full color design with 3D effect, scratch resistant and colorfast ✓ Magnetic closureimages/badge-dome-name/tulip-name-badge-dome-name-in-shape-of-logo-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-reusable-1.jpgimages/badge-dome-name/tulip-name-badge-dome-name-in-shape-of-logo-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-reusable-2.jpgimages/badge-dome-name/tulip-name-badge-dome-name-in-shape-of-logo-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-reusable-3.jpgimages/badge-dome-name/tulip-name-badge-dome-name-in-shape-of-logo-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-reusable-4.jpgimages/badge-dome-name/tulip-name-badge-dome-name-in-shape-of-logo-and-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-reusable-5.jpg
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