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USB Alu Key

USB Alu Key

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Aluminum USB Stick in 4 modern colors

On a bunch of keys the DEONET USB Alu Key will look like an ordinary key, but in fact it is a USB stick! Very convenient and always ready to use. The DEONET USB Alu Key is available in 4 colors.

This USB stick can be personalized with a stylish laser engraving or print in full color on one or two sides. The memory chip is scratch-, dust- and waterproof, so it doesn't need a cap for protection.

Specifications of USB Alu Key

USB Alu Key
Colors:black, blue, red and silver
Size:57 x 24 x 3 mm
Capacities:2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB
Weight:9.8 gram
Printable area:41 x 19 mm (2x)
Order unit:1 pieces
Minimum order quantity:50 pieces
Lead time:5 working days

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USB sticks: USB Alu Key | DEONETUSB stick in the shape of a key. In 4 modern colors. Personalized with logo or company name with laser engraving or full color printimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-1.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-2.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-3.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-4.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-5.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-6.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-7.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-8.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-9.jpgimages/usb-stick-alu-key/usb-stick-alu-key-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-and-laser-engraving-10.jpg
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