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Unique USB stick with magnetic closure

Distinct lines, clean angles: that is the design of the DEONET USB Milan! The casing is made of matt (anodized) aluminum and offers enough space for any personalization. The USB memory is placed in the shiny chrome holder. The invisible magnetic clasp keeps the two parts firmly together. The DEONET USB Milan is a subtle piece of art; matt, shining and colorful at the same time.

The DEONET USB Milan is available with memory capacities from 2 GB to 64 GB and is available in 9 colors: black, cobalt blue, fuchsia, gold, lime green, navy blue, purple, red and silver.

Specifications of Milan

Colors:black, cobalt blue, fuchsia, gold, lime green, navy blue, purple, red and silver
Size:32 x 15 x 6 mm
Capacities:2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB
Weight:9.2 gram
Printable area:23.2 x 10.5 mm (2x)
Order unit:1 pieces
Minimum order quantity:50 pieces
Lead time:5 working days

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Contact informatie van: DeonetDeonet+31 (0)40 707 3474+31 (0)40 707 3499info@deonet.com
Dillenburgstraat 29Eindhoven5652 AMThe Netherlands
USB sticks: USB Milan | DEONETSmall, stylish USB stick. Made of alumimum. Minimalistic design with distinct lines. Available in 9 colors. Ready in 5 working days. Get quote now!images/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-1.jpgimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-2.jpgimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-3.jpgimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-4.jpgimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-5.gifimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-6.jpgimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-7.jpgimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-8.jpgimages/usb-stick-milan/usb-stick-milan-with-print-of-logo-in-full-color-or-laser-engraving-9.jpg
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